Hand Ring styles

Please use these reference images and my Instagram feed as a reference when ordering your own bespoke hand ring. These are my standard styles other bespoke items you see will require further consultation and may cost a little more or take a little longer. For each ring I will source a few stone options that match your desired palette for you to choose from. Please get in touch to discuss further.



My Tablet style is a heavier weight version of my hand ring and it can be set with one two or three sapphires of your choosing.



My Scroll style can be set with one larger stone and three diamonds or it can be all diamonds - 3 or 4 stones is suggested and they will be proportionate to fill the scroll.


Held on

My ‘Held on’ style sees two delicate anf finely detailed hands holding the stone close to the finger - depending on the stone choice this design sometimes requires a couple of additional claws to ensure security.



This style is designed to really show of quite particular stones and let in lots of light. The hands are very delicately discovering the stone.


Held over

this more light weight style seeds a beautiful pear shaped sapphire held over the finger. this style is a little limited in terms of the size of the sapphire that can fit within the hands grasp.



This style sees the selected stone delicately placed atop the ring shank with the thumbs holding it securely.