'Given Heart'

'Given Heart'


This is my 'Given Heart' Pendant - a finely detailed hand holds a heart shaped ruby. As each pendant is individually crafted with unique heart shapes the exact orientation of the shape may vary slightly however it will always be set the best and most secure way to securely show off the shape.

Material - 9k yellow gold, Ruby

Length - 18"

pendant dimension - 1.5 cm (finger tip to wrist)

Each of my hand 'given' or 'held' designs are meticulously crafted. The stones I use are natural sapphires rubies and diamonds, they are set using the very particular and unique lost wax casting technique and each stone is held firmly in place, no adhesives are used.

This exclusive design is brand new and currently only available from the studio, other editions will be posted soon however production is limited so get in quick. If it does not appear to be available for direct purchase please get in touch to enquire about ordering something similar.

Please allow up to 10 days for delivery, UK shipments usually quicker. A tracking number will be provided upon shipping.

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